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Most people would agree that Mauritius island is the jewell of the Indian Ocean. Owing to its marvellous white sandy beaches, and to a sea of a unique blue turquoise colour, it’s the nicest of all places to enjoy relaxation and well being. However, Mauritius Island is far more than just a seaside resort.

The ever developping range of ecotourism has become one of its most appreciated asset. A specific wildlife populates the highlands nearby Chamarel. Indeed an endemic wildlife gave name to several well reknowned species, including plants and trees, as well as birds. Ebony, the kestrel (a noble and rare sort of hawk), and the pink pigeon are just a few of them.

Saint-Denis’ Domain is located on the mountain of the same name, at a short distance from ‘The Morne’ village and its heavenly beach. The Domain offers a 300 hectares field that serves as natural habitat for 400 Rusa Deers (Cervus timorensis Rusa), and for ‘cochongliers’ (some sort of semi-wild boar) as well. Jacqueline Dalais, the appointed caterer will undoubtedly know how to ravish you with her culinary art: a definitely must-see!

The Domain offers a wildlife representative of the highlands, including over 300 species of native trees, several hundreds of animal species, such as the Rusa Deer, the kestrel, and the gecko.
Early in the morning, big hunting expeditions are organized with over fifty hounds and over thirty beaters. These take place in a natural environment far away from the chaos of civilization and the sound of cars.

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